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telework imageThe wired webbed world of the Teleworking employee

Working from home is no longer a fad, but a fact of life. The reasons are clear: employees who Telework enjoy the comfort of being at home and the peace of mind that comes with avoiding traffic and parking problems. They can also work without distractions one or more days each week.

Email and the Internet make this Commute Solution even more efficient today. Employers who offer Teleworking as an option can save money on office space, parking and overhead, while gaining the ability to hire employees who live out of commuting range. Teleworking is the way much of the world works now.

Join these Prestigious Companies

The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) and the Commute Solutions Program would like to recognize the following new Telework Program companies:

• Araujo Consulting Services
• Nancy R. Edmonson Transportation Consulting
• Reliant Energy, Inc.
• St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System
• URS Corporation

These Houston-Galveston area companies received free consulting services through the Commute Solutions Program to help start their telework program or expand their existing telework program.

It's the modern way to work

If you would like to join these companies and offer your employees the opportunity to work from home or some other off-site location, please visit the Telework Resource Center or contact Ch'rese Jackson at 877-512-7333 for more information on teleworking.